Windsor Chairs

I cannot explain how utterly delighted I am with my fabulous refurbished chairs, you have done an amazing job, the repairs are bearly noticeable.

Although I am not materialistic, these chairs are very sentimental to me. They were from my late beloved grandmother’s parents home. She could never remember not having them in her life and had fond memories of their use. I inherited them and continued to add my own memories as they were used by my children. Sadly I lost them 14 years ago to my ex husband who I believe stored them in his garage and this is where they were found in their dilapidated state. My daughters arranged their return journey to me and I promised myself I would get them restored. That day came but the chairs had gone, my daughters explained that as they thought they were in the way they decided to take them back to their father’s garage. I was devastated, again. I became that nagging mother, repeatedly asking for them to be collected so that I could get them refurbished.

So what a wonderful surprise at Christmas…you restored them. On Christmas Day late afternoon I was asked to close my eyes … I was walked to the dining room … and told “open your eyes now” … the utter shock and happiness to see my chairs, all refurbished and looking gorgeous.. complete with a huge red bow around each one.

So a massive thank you to you – you have made me so happy, words cannot express my gratitude to you.